When girls are exposed to strong female role models who
have achieved success in a career, they become inspired.
They gain self-confidence and acquire a positive belief in
themselves, enthusiastically wanting to nurture their own
abilities to achieve success.

The Rainbow Girls are role models to young girls by showing
how they succeeded in areas where academic strengths are
pre-requisites for success. Each Rainbow Girl tells her story
of dreaming to become a professional from a young age,
studying the subject matter, and ultimately becoming
successful in her chosen career.

Our audience consists of girls in middle-school, ages 7-12,
encouraging them through entertaining story-telling to believe
that they, too, can excel in academics and achieve success
in a professional career later in life.
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Our story is about family, friendship, and the love of
things in nature. By picturing children of different races,
our books serve as inspiration for all young children, but
is particularly geared toward an audience of middle-
school girls, ages 7-12.

Lolly Meets the Rainbow Girls is the first in the series and
the anchor story around which a stand-alone books will
be written to represent each one of the Rainbow Girls
pursuing a professional career and learning what
education is needed to do so. Middle school is an
especially important time to reach young girls and
nurture their dreams of studying for careers, especially
those that have been traditionally occupied by men.
We hope our readers will be inspired by the Rainbow
Girls and the careers they have chosen by telling them
what work is performed in the job and what they need to
study in order to get the job. This dose of reality de-
mystifies the learning process needed to acquire the
skills and knowledge to become a professional in a
chosen field.

We begin with the stories of the seven Rainbow Girls
in their chosen careers, with plans to expand repre-
sentation to a wide range of career options. Each book
is accompanied by an activities book with games,
puzzles and quizes associated with the field chosen by
each Rainbow Girl.  
With The Rainbow Girls series of books, (Chicas del
Arco Iris
in Spanish,) we aim to expand young girls’
knowledge of career options and spark their interest in
different fields of study that will lead them toward a
professional degree. By teaching them what is involved
in becoming a professional in a career that excites them
while exposing them to female role models, we can
continue to join others intent on closing the gender gap
in professional careers.

Our social media is geared specifically toward joining
the ongoing digital conversations about getting girls into
non-traditional careers such as technical fields and others
that require and good understanding of STEM-based
studies such as science, math and technology. IN this way,
we intend to promote opportunities for girls to pursue
careers, and give them role models to emulate by focusing
attention on outstanding women who have accomplished
something in life because of their passion for knowledge in
one area or another. Social media also puts us in contact
with educators and teachers, who can use our outlets as
resources for their students to learn, dream and achieve!
You can join in the conversation primarily through our
blog, where we discuss different topics about getting girls
into professional careers, host a page with definitions of
careers, and salute successful professional women
through our
Twitter stream.